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Her Vishuddha

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

She wanders the path of truth.

Lost between worlds.


The quintessence of space.

The embodiment of time. 

The icy sting of her salvation lay beneath the glassy surface. 


Her curtained sight unraveling.

Remove the shroud of illusion she must. 

Her restless soul bears the fingerprints of knowledge.

The marks of loneliness.

Of searching.

Of longing.

Of hope. 

The murky darkness beneath the pale and delicate exterior.

They rise. 

The secrets of the moon.

The listenings of the past. 

The golden words of the future. 

Her songs carried on the wind.

Her purity.

Her purpose.

Through the whispering pines.

The ether.

Sing little bird.

Sing beating heart.

Rest your tired wings.

Let the ripples hold you. 

You are here with me.


You are here with you.

A recent collaboration I did while in South Africa with the Artist known as By.Her for an upcoming musical compilation.

Poetry and concept: By.Her

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