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London Calling

Finding inspiration is not always easy, especially in a time of big changes. There are so many things to think about, and as a result my camera has taken up residence in the cupboard for far to long. I think over the past two months I developed a sort of "photographers block" if there is such a thing. I think I needed the break from photography as it had become such a job, I lost my enthusiasm for it along the way.

Today I decided it was time to get out and about and observe the city through my lens again. It's amazing how much more you see around you when you are free of distractions and purely there for the experience of capturing the environment around you. This in itself is hugely inspiring and I can't wait to do more of this.

I love the striking contrast of the city, the old and new buildings existing in the same space, the mix of modern and historical buildings is quite something to take in.

And as a result of this, the choice of high contrast black and white images seemed fitting.

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